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(The “Nice” Version.) Chet Rajani is a big company, big agency trained B2B copywriter and web content consultant. He has written copy for global technology companies, and successful business plans and core collatera for start-ups.  Chet also served as Web Content Consultant to the Canadian Federal Government and co-lead large teams on intranet development projects. […]


B2B B2B comapnies need a copywriter who can understand complex ideas and render them in simple, clear, and memorable writing style.I’ve been trained by highly accompished creative teams, the marketing departments of succesful companies, and blessed strong personal writing and creaticve skills. If you want writing than connects with readers, , and brings them into […]


 Get Ready to Be Disapointed. I’m NOT going to show you my portfolio, even though I have a stellar ‘book” better than many small agencies. WHY? Simple: –It’s too huge to put online, even thoguh I ihave it all in digital format. –I like to tailor what I show to whom based on why they […]


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